Songs from the North (Print)

Songs from the North was originally commissioned by the Park Lane Group and composed by Edward McGuire for John Wallace on the occasion of his 65th birthday.  The piece offers a mesmerising, delicate and playful collection of 5 songs for voice (soprano) and brass - each song adding an additional layer of brass sound, building towards the final movement which combines soprano voice with a full brass quintet. Provided with full score and parts for solo soprano voice, trumpet, F horn, trombone and tuba.

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The Flannan Isle (Print)

The Flannan Isle is an original work for solo soprano (voice), three trumpets, organ and soprano voices. Composed by John Wallace, it pulls on the legendary mystery of the missing lighthouse men, encapsulated through the words of the poem Flannan Isle by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. Provided with full score and parts for soprano voice (in English), 3 x trumpets (in both trumpet in C and Bb), organ and chorus.

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An t-Eilean (The Island) (Print)

An t-Eilean (The Island) has been composed by John Wallace for voice (mezzo-soprano), trumpet and keyboard.  Inspired by his passion for the island of Skye and his daughter, Esme, who has made her life there, John has created this hauntingly beautiful piece, "spinning a musical tapestry through the monumental Gaelic poetry of Sorley Maclean".  Provided with full score and parts for voice (in Scottish Gaelic and English) and trumpet (in both trumpet in C and Bb).

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The Wallace Collection On Song
An album release which balances a compelling collection of contemporary works with performer combinations, entwining brass, voice and organ within its mix.  This recording showcases the variety of sound and creativity which exists in modern times for brass music, bringing to the forefront a wonderful compilation of new works from Coll, McGuire and Wallace, alongside the familiarity of Arnold.
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