Brass for Beginners Natural Trumpet Outfit
The Brass for Beginners Natural Trumpet is the ideal introduction to brass playing for all ages.  We are offering the complete outfit which includes the natural trumpet, a soft zip-up carrying case, a Mutec 3C mouthpiece, and an Owner's Manual for its care and maintenance. A distraction-free instrument with no moving valves or slides, this instrument enables the beginner to focus on mastering the harmonic range and establishing the fundamentals of brass playing right from the beginning.  The instrument is robust and manufactured from a strong and safe polycarbonate.  The complete outfit comes with the BfB Natural Trumpet, a soft, zipped carry case, a polymer mouthpiece and an owner's manual. (Also available to support the young learner is the Brass for Beginners Student book, specially designed to be used with the BfB Natural Trumpet.  The chapters take the student on a musical journey through time, guided by Ragnor the caveman who presents a wide variety of lip-blown instruments through the ages.  Engaging, informative and full of guidance and exercises.  See BfB Student book product page for more information)
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