The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Brass Instruments (hardback)

Some thirty-two experts from fifteen countries join three of the world's leading authorities on the design, manufacture, performance and history of brass musical instruments in this first major encyclopedia on the subject of brass instruments.  Released as an impressive hardback edition, providing an extensive and informative reference to brass instruments, spanning the entire period from antiquity to modern times.  This is a vital addition to any book collection for music, brass and history enthusiasts.

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The Trumpet
A fascinating book, copiously illustrated, that traces the evolution and colourful performance history of the trumpet.  The authors, John Wallace and Alexander McGrattan chart the introduction of the trumpet and its family into art music, and its rise to prominence as a solo instrument, from the Baroque 'golden age', through the advent of valved brass instruments in the nineteenth century, and the trumpet's renaissance in the jazz age.
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