Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye (Print)

Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye is an intricate solo by Alexander Owen which uses the traditional form of an 'air varie' - originally made popular in the 19th century.  Provided in print format with solo part (for Bb instruments) and separate piano accompaniment.  The whole work is also featured on our 2020 album release - The Golden Age of the 19th Century Brass Virtuoso.

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Golden Age of the 19th Century Brass Virtuoso Vol. 1

This significant recording brings together a varied collection of solo works written by leading 19th century brass composers.  Performed by John Wallace (cornet) and Anthony George (ophicleide), accompanied on piano by Simon Wright and Aaron Shorr, the album demonstrates the artistry and impressive technical ability required of the brass celebrities of that period.  

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